The Skin Microbiome modulating Pemphigoid Diseases

The skin is a critical organ providing barrier function between the host and environment, yet provides a range of niches for diverse microbial communities. The skin microbiota play an increasingly recognized role in immunity and local inflammatory responses and are associated with some chronic inflammatory diseases afflicting the skin. We previously demonstrated an important role of the skin microbiota in a mouse model of the autoimmune skin blistering disease epidermolysis bullosa acquisita. Because of its potentially important role in modulating susceptibility and pathophysiology, this proposal aims to provide a first thorough description of the skin microbiome in pemphigoid diseases (PD) patients. Through the use of highly developed statistical analysis of bacterial communities in PD patients and controls, we further aim to identify individual taxa (i.e. “microbiomarkers”) with potential therapeutic value for future functional characterization and clinical application.