Project Z1

The research program of the CRU Pemphigoid Diseases – Molecular Pathways and their Therapeutic Potential aims at improving PD patient care by devoting to translational research on the effector phase of PDs. To achieve clinical translation and pose new, clinically most relevant research questions, all CRU projects will work with PD patient specimens. In the last ten years, the Department of Dermatology in Lübeck has been establishing a most significant PD sample collection. The Z1-Project will extend this sample collection in terms of sample numbers and the spectrum of biomaterials collected. Samples will be collected, processed and finally stored according to international SOPs in the Interdisciplinary Center for Biobanking-Lübeck.  In parallel, we will comprehensively compile clinical information and long-term follow-ups on individual PD patients in an electronic database. This database will also integrate all CRU research results generated from specimens of individual PD patients such as genotype and microbiome analyses. The Z2-Project will use this data set for its statistical analyses and modeling. Thus, the data set will be the basis for future retro- and prospective clinical studies and clinical trials. In connection with this database, we will also found the first PD patient registry in Germany covering all PD patients in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The registry will increase the level of awareness for PDs and will facilitate patient recruitment.

  • Patient Sample Collection
  • Patient Database
  • Pemphigoid Disease Patient Registry